Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Splash in the Dark!

This blog will let you know what is going on throughout the year concerning the natural swimming pool at Bramble Ridge from maintenance, plants and wildlife ( including any humans! ). the real knitty gritty of looking after a natural pool.
My first entry starts with literally a ....... splash. I was coming to our back door in the dark when I disturbed something in our pool. I heard a huge splash. My first thought was our blind as a bat, old alsatian dog had fallen into the water. Lights were quickly switched on to reveal..... no drowning overweight bird that had crashed landed... no seals.. nothing. Slightly mystified I was about to carry on when I caught sight of an Otter checking out our fish supplies. What a treat! the first time I've seen a wild otter. I don't think he will be back as the lights and lack of fish would put him off calling again. If he did think we were worth another visit in a few weeks he will have newts for nibbles.
If anyone has had an interesting vistor to their pool let me know.
We have had the pool frozen for a very long time this winter, my concern being will the plants have survived? I had some Cyperus die last winter which was'nt such a long frozen period. I planted cuttings of Purple Loosestrife straight into the gravel last year and hoped to see them growing well this summer just hope the mini ice age in Britain has killed them. Only time will tell.
With Spring hopefully on its way soon I will be looking to clear out any of the stems and leaf that were left to protect the plants young shoots along with the debris that collects throughout the winter. Vacuuming usually takes place twice a year( with the exception of a sprucing up for the odd gathering ) in the spring before the amphibians arrive and the sediment generated from the spring algal bloom has settled. The second vacuuming is usually late autumn.
I will keep you posted on the jobs I will be tackling as the year progresses, just need the warmer weather now to start the ball rolling.
If anyone has any questions I will do my best to answer them .. or I know someone on our team who will help.

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