Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Toad Alert

Mr. and Mrs. Toad are not the swimmers they think they are and at this time of year they can end up at the bottom of your pool. They will find crawling out of a steep sided lined pool impossible, fail and die.
Check the bottom of your pool and help Mr. and Mrs Toad get out so they can see their
Frogs generally don't have any difficulty.


  1. Can't see any toads or frogs at the moment, pond seems to have suddenly become home to blanket weed! Spent most of last weekend pulling it out. Checked this morning and it's still growing well. Any suggestions for getting rid of it? Have I done something wrong?

  2. Hi, my swimming pond water is nice and clear after turning on the pumps, the plants are sprouting and its looking great apart from the blanket weed, just dosed it with blanket answer and have limited results at the moment. Do you have any problem with blanket weed?