Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Scurge of pools..BLANKET WEED

My pool plants do not want to grow, a combination of cold nights and winds is enough to make them uproot and leave for a life of easy growing in a nice warm pool!
I have been receiving inquiries concerning string algae/blanket weed via the phone and blog.
We are used to having string algae during the spring months but this year it has been particularly prevalent. The problem is almost certainly brought about by an awakening of the substrate filter as it begins to process the early algal blooms and the build up of matter from the previous season. With the lengthening days this process will kick off in relatively low water temperatures, the plants within the pool will however require higher water temperatures and a good dose of sunshine to grow effectively. We therefore have a situation .... the plants fuel (nitrate) is building up in the water whilst the plants are unable to extract this nutrient. String algae/blanket weed will proliferate in these conditions especially in oxygen rich water.
Hopefully the warmer weather will soon help, mother nature always manages to put us in our place!
Some of you ( thanks for comments on the blog ) are wondering whether there are any out of the bottle remedies, we generally find such intervention unnecessary.... nature and a bit of
algae grabbing usually works. Our colleague Chris has had relatively good results with Ecotreat.
More to follow

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